Anne Frank – Extract

Extract from Anne Frank’s diary
Tuesday 20 October 1942

Dearest Kitty,
My hands still shaking, though it’s been two hours since we had the scare. I should explain that there are five extinguishers in the building. The office staff stupidly forgot to warn us that the carpenter, or whatever he’s called, was coming to fill the extinguishers. As a result, we didn’t bother to be quiet until I heard the sound of hammering on the landing (across from the bookcase). I immediately assumed it was the carpenter and went to warn Bep, who was eating lunch, that she couldn’t go back downstairs. Father and I stationed ourselves at the door so we could hear when the man had left. After working for about fifteen minutes, he laid his hammer and some other tools on our bookcase (or so we thought!) and banged on our door. We turned white with
fear. Had he heard something after all and did he now want to check out this mysterious looking bookcase?

It seemed so, since he kept knocking, pulling, pushing and jerking on it.  I was so scared I nearly fainted at the thought of this total stranger managing to discover our wonderful hiding



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