Adjust Your Expectations

…says author and psychologist Dorothy Rowe on the topic of declining happiness in women today.

‘Have we just become a little spoiled? …Are we a small adjustment away from being happy?’

I will always belive there is something MORE out there which motivates me to work and find it.  But I feel this can also hinder being good at what you ARE DOING today and can prevent you from focusing on what is happening in the the current moment (whether it be a new job, a better relationship, a better city to live it).  Try and be happy NOW and not dwell on what could make you happier because good things come to you at the right moment.  I’m not by any means suggesting that you should sit there and wait for good opurtunities and ‘happiness’ to  find you…Thats just a bit hopeful. But paitience (wish i had more of it) and hard work is key.

check out the article why-are-women-so-miserable


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