My Opinion on Opinions

This weekend consisted of lots of people.. I  knew some of them, met others for the first time, some were sober, some off their tree and others were an OK inbetween.  I love observing humans, especially when i’m in a bar or clubby type situation.  I admit to feeling a bit creepy staring at random’s out of the cornner of my eye, but there is nothing more interesting to me than watching people’s behavior while they’re having some drinks.  Boys and girls meeting for the first time, sometimes that can be awkward, other times HILARIOUS – little arguments happening between 2 girls who like the same guy – guys testosterone levels rising because ‘this ass hole was talking to my girlfriend while i was in the bathroom…’ (jesus christ who does he think he is!?)  – ok these examples may sound quite cliche, but they do happen frequently.   The one thing though, the ONE little tiny weeeny thing that makes my blood boil… makes me want to slap someones forehead and say SHUT THE F$@#$ UP are those who are very vocal about their opinion.  I mean the really annoying types who talk at you, when you havent really asked them a question.  the types who bring up a topic to show everyone how aware they are about subjects such as religion, politics, what’s happening in Syria, why getting married is for social conformists….   You all know the types im talking about…  i have managed to conclude, these people are insecure about their intellegence.  this may be a very bold, generalization to some. But, that is my opinion.

I feel a bit of a hypocrite giving you all my opinion when no one really asked for it, but you dont HAVE to read my blog  🙂


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