Can certain smells make you happy?

Yes, obviously – The other day I was thinking about why the smell of pollen makes me so happy.  Is it just England?  Greenery? Being out of the sandbox? Without going into too much detail, I managed to figure out exactly what it reminded me of:  running out onto the rounder’s pitch when I was about 9 years old at The Hawthorns school in Bletchingly, Surrey  – I seriously cherish those times.

Anyways, it’s weird what certain smells remind you of – a few of mine…


Whiskey:               Drunk Dad’s

Cinnamon:          Christmas (that’s not typical at all…)

Coffee:                  Work

Pick n Mix:          WH Smith (disgusting)

Cigars:                   My dad (and me) watching man Utd on Saturdays and Sunday’s

Newspaper:        Warwick University  

Glass Cleaner:    My old Mini Cooper – it was never used to clean the car, it just exploded in there and left an odor for 2 years

Cheese:                Skiing -à Fondu

 At the same time, smells can obviously have the reverse affect and make you miserable.  I.e. smelling an ex’s perfume, anything that reminds you of someone who you don’t like anymore bla bla bla.  If this happens, I suggest listening to a happy song (or a song that makes you happy).


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