Costa Rica

One of my closest child hood friends just got back from traveling all over the world for about 3 months – jealous much?  It’s something i have always wanted to do, despite my Dad’s argument:  ‘you wouldn’t last 5 days without a proper bathroom/bedroom/hairdryer’…(my thought:  why wouldn’t they have hairdryers in Costa Rica? JOKING)  I can handle nature a lot better than he thinks, so long as there is a huge can of piff paff with me at all times.

Due to the restrictions that come with a 9-5 job, I wouldn’t be able to do a full 3 months, but 10-14 days would have to do and i’ve heard that’s more than enough time to see one country.

SO after doing a bit of research on this glorious country in Central America and boy oh boy is it GLORIOUS – i’m pretty excited! Volcanoes to climb, waves to surf on the Pacific side, reggae to dance to on the Caribbean side, beautiful beaches to pass out on… yummy

Below are some pics from my friends trip!


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