You’re a Poet

NEVER read a book summary like this, that has made me want to go and grab the book and finish it INSTANTLY…check it

James Frey, twenty-three, wakes up on an airplane with a hole in his cheek, a broken nose, and no front teeth, wallet, or luggage. He does not remember how he sustained these injuries or how he got on the airplane, nor does he know where the flight is going. Once the airplane lands in Chicago, James vomits on himself and discovers his parents waiting for him at the end of the concourse. James feels embarrassed and panicked; his mother begins to cry, and his father doesn’t speak. They drive to a cabin in Wisconsin and James wakes up only to drink two bottles of wine that his father unwillingly buys at a gas station. At the cabin, James thanks his parents for picking him up at the airport. Obviously worried, his…..

(Chapter 1 Summary and Analysis – A Million Little Peices by James Frey)


2 thoughts on “You’re a Poet

  1. Meh. I don’t know why people made such a big deal about his lies and embellishments when all they had to say is that his skills as a writer leave my wits in a million little pieces.

    • One of the best books I’ve ever read. He didn’t lie about everything, he just exaggerate the truth in some parts. but who cares the book is FANTASTIC!

      Make sure to read the sequel!!

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