All Things Mochi

A Video I did for Mochi, a clothing brand inspired by summer and colors.


My Grandparents in History



Abdul Razzaq Al Naif was prime minister of Iraq in 1968.  He was assassinated in London on July 9th 1978 in the order of Saddam Hussein.  The gunman was captured and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The picture above is just after one of the many attempted assassinations on him had taken place and my grandmother jumped in front of a fire of bullets to protect him.  She is the toughest woman I know and he is the legend I wish I had gotten to meet.


Ayrto Senna

Ayrto Senna



If you haven’t watched the movie ‘Senna’ then you really should. Senna died tragically in 1994 but his legacy and incredible journey to three F1 world championships is crazy touching.

I love him